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There is no better place than home.

Our mission is to provide the best customer experience throughout the design, remodeling and renovation process.

WE DO BETTER DESIGN is a full service interior design company. Founded by Brazilian interior designers Tiago Brito and Daphne Cervellin, the company has an extensive experience of 15 years in innovative and creative design. Operating for 3 years in Orlando and we serve the entire area of ​​central Florida. Our design approach excels in innovative solutions, technology and warmth that your home needs to look like who you dream of.

Our office is dedicated to providing an impeccable experience to our clients, always striving for the best quality, cost-effectiveness and peace of mind throughout the process.

Due to our design, construction and real estate investment experience, we offer our clients a comprehensive consultancy service, using the latest technologies to create exquisite interiors for Residential, Commercial, Institutional or Hotel Projects.

 We believe that by designing our customized projects for each client along with our vision, we can provide unique experiences turning our clients' dreams into reality. Our projects are created without limits of creativity.

At We Do Better Design we believe that the only way to provide a truly sophisticated and luxurious product is through an extraordinary customer experience. Our mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind throughout the design, construction and renovation process, minimizing client involvement in routine issues and delivering nothing short of perfection.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT is one of the most critical components of a project, that being Remodeling, Renovation or New Construction. It's where you can lie the difference between your dream's project and your worst construction nightmare. In this phase of the project, the design professional will set up the project schedule considering critical milestones and related tasks; communicate with and oversee all consultants, vendors and professionals involved in the project; look for and purchase all necessary items; schedule and receive deliveries; communicate with building and community associations; regular website visits to the jobsite; do preparations for project closeout and client move-in; among other tasks.


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